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Uncategorized July 10th, 2009

“DYNAMIC TENSION” Mr. Dead featuring M. Sayyid (antipop) from bricolagista! on Vimeo.

the other day, over at the village, walked by the place that we got kicked out of when we were making this gem. all on account of strickland stealing all that booze. f-ed up the whole program. then we had to brave the cold. and i had to listen to a bunch of crybabies talking ’bout, “i cain’t feel my toes” the rest of the production. whole thing was miserable. how you gonna steal the liquor from a place that’s letting you shoot in their premises for free…’specially when they gonna have an open bar later that night?!?
i love my friends.
j. tried to play it off, “i didn’t steal no ‘liks.”
old barmaid, “see that little camera up there above the hennesey sign? i was watching you down in the office on the monitor through that camera… so uh, yeah.”
the other funny thing about this little shoot was sayyid saying he hadn’t never heard about pencil fighting before and thought it was corny, and that it wasn’t hood enough. believe that? pencil fighting not hood enough?!
maybe it was a regionally specific pastime…
–moni moni (TROAE) (July 2009)

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