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This is merely the second part/ video installment of my two part homage to cassette tapes. Some of you saw where I was coming from with my dissertation in Part 1 (here’s the link) and some of you thought I was a dinosaur, and effectively living in the past. Look, I finally updated to Serato (more on that blessing/ curse soon) and got that damn Twitter account, that’s enough technology for me right now.

To answer a point made in a response to Part 1 of this feature…Does the audio quality of a cassette suck? Yeah it does, but CD’s and records skip and digital albums don’t have liner notes, pick your poison. That being said, here’s a video clip of a quick run through some of my tape collection. I did this earlier this year for photographer/video blogger Richard Ross (aka Rich Direction). This one is strictly for tape diehards, so if that means you, enjoy…if not, I’ll be back in a few days with a more universal thought. Peace.

Real G’s Rock Tapes from richdirection on Vimeo .

15 Responses to “I’M NOT AN EX-CON, I JUST LIKE TAPES Pt. 2”

  1. Boothe Says:

    I’m currently going through an ipod cull right now. Way too much FF going on right now.

    I like that you have your shit organized. Most of my tapes are without cases, in a shopping bag, buried in the basement.

    I need to dig that shit up…rip it to mp3, so that I can take it to the gym and do some cardio with the ipod…ha.

  2. BIG D O Says:

    awwww man, been waitin for a post like this for you Zone! I kinda wish you woulda delved more into what you had but it is what it is….

    LOL @ that HWA tape…I passed up jackin that from a thrift store the other day and instead grabbed that Biz Markie “Goin’ Off” and that 3rd Bass “Cactus Album”….

    Dope to see that you were a real tape head too that actually made his own mixes and all that…I still have a bunch of old mixes I made too…my favorite concoctions of the lot: Shyne Vs. Capone and The Best Of Mobb deep…

    oh and BTW, I still am waitin for some word on those tapes yo! If not I still want that Buhloone Mind State…

    dope video post indeed!…

  3. Ben6 Says:

    People got to know J-Zone processes his samples on tapes!

    I’ve never seen someone so fond of tapes.

    By the way, could you rip that HWA album? I’d love to hear this record.

  4. jzone Says:

    Ben, yeah one of the albums I did I ran all the samples thru an FX processor, taped em and sampled em back off the tape, but only cause I couldn’t figure out how to send the external FX directly from the AUX to protools. I’d rather do things the hard way than figure out tech-related shit, its a fault I have. The HWA album is so terrible that its actually good. I’ll rip it to zshare soon.

  5. Chimp Says:

    I think I just heard J-Zone say HWA is good music.

    “Az Much Ass Azz U Want” was a better cassette cover than Ice-T’s “power” tape.

  6. BIG D O Says:

    the inspiration once again…


  7. jzone Says:

    My fault, some of the comments have been removed because I was clearing out a bunch of spam in a rage and deleted some by accident. If your comment is missing, just repost. Thanks.

  8. steezolini Says:

    we gave you some burn on our blog, just to let you know..
    the opion game is your forte, dude, dont stop.

  9. Vanderslice Says:

    yoooo the tape collection is SERIOUS haha I was waitin for you to pull out TMT on em I love tapes always have. fuck auto reverse walkmans!

  10. chuck money Says:

    still kicking myself for letting my welcome to the terrordome cassingle fall thru the cracks. the ones with the little slip covers, man that takes me back. humpty dance. back before i got smart enough to buy 12’s, always at the musicland singles section looking for that crazy cassingle only prize. like del ‘made in america’ my moms literally threw my fear of a black planet out the window of the car on the highway. I damn near never forgave her. still semipissed. my dad had a hip hop epiphany listening to jeni by de la in the car. until then, he thought scratchin was just some noise shit. step in the arena was constantly in the walkman. first jungle bros album. kmd album. ahhh, the good ol days. now you’d have to pay me just to take a promo of pretty much any rap of today. sad state of affairs. nice post j.

  11. Contakt Says:

    Ha, you said “steelo”


  12. Travis Says:

    Damn, I want that Baritone Tip Love tape……

  13. Travis Says:

    I’d like to hear your take on how albums were sequenced differently when tapes where the main format at the time. You couldn’t sequence songs on a tape in the same order as a CD and vice versa. Songs had a different order on tapes for a reason, with the whole side a and side b thing. That’s something I’ve always meant to tackle on WYDU but never got around to.

  14. Russell Says:

    Where’s your Maestro Fresh Wes Symphony in Effect?

    Not even a mention of Tim Dog!

    you had that yellow walkman in high school!

  15. jzone Says:

    @ Russ…Hahaa, after I borrowed your Maestro Fresh Wes Tape and dubbed it, I wanted my own copy so I got it on wax. Tim dog is on wax too, thus Penicillin on Wax (Tim Dog will get his own post soon). I have the second album on tape, but it wasnt that good.

    @ Trav…The tapes had different sequences because of time constraints. Sometimes, the last song on side A of he vinyl was the first song on side B of the tape if Side A was gettin too long. They made those tapes by the minute, and when the company picked what length the needed, they had to have it so either side had as little left over space as possible. So one side would be perfect and the other would be a bit shorter with room left. They had to shuffle the songs to get em to fit with the least amount of “dead air” possible. I think…

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